Cheese coating waxes

We design, produce and commercialize our waxes for the coating of cheeses




The cheese coating waxes are used  for the coating of cheese which are designed primarily as protection elements, and provide different types of cheeses of a waxy coating able to confer seal, dimensional stability and attractive appearance.

The seal is the property that have wax coating of cheese to get an adequate insulation, and provide a flexible, adherent, homogenous and waterproof coating that acts as a barrier against the loss of natural moisture and its consequent decline in weight; They also constitute protection against fungi and bacteria at the same time that considerably lengthen the initial properties of the freshness of the products freshly waxed.

Cheese coating waxes are made both in

natural color as pigmented with attractive

colors,  in such a way that  they  produce

coatings   whose  smoothness and  color

givea   finished   really   attractive,  while

maintaining its flexibility, plasticity, and

internal cohesion. Various pigments used

to color the cheese waxes conform to food

quality due to large differences in cheeses,

they have had to be designed very different

cheeses waxes that suit both the different

cheeses as machines them different coating

of cheese.


In Technical Publicationssection you’ll finda variety of articles on waxes and their applications in varied industries, which provide general information on the features of waxes to achieve amazing effects in its various applications in technical publications. And specifically of application in industry of production of gum base for chewing gum:

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The use of waxes in the cheese coating that describes the characteristics of these coating waxes and the conditions that made the coatings.

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