Emulsiber Emulsions

We design, produce and commercialize our emulsions


EMULSIBER Emulsions: They are wax emulsions used for the treatment of skins and hides, polishes, coating of citrus and water repellents for Particleboard.


EMULSIBER T Emulsions: They are wax emulsions used for the treatment of paper and cardboard, for barriers to water, moisture and fats, initial or permanent brightness, increase structural strength and character slip or anti-skid.


EMULSIBER N and B Emulsions: They are wax emulsions used to modify the setting of the concrete conditions and improve the performance of the water paints.


EMULSIBER T Emulsions: They are emulsions of waxes used with a coating at room temperature to get a treatment impregnation of paper and cardboard.




In Technical Publications section you’ll find a variety of articles on emulsions and their applications in varied industries, which provide general information on the characteristics of the emulsions to achieve amazing effects in its various applications in technical publications. They are especially noteworthy articles on:

The use of waxes in the leather industry, which                                                                                                                                   
justifies the role of emulsions for leather finishing                                                                                                                                   
and the use of wax emulsions in the tanning process.


The use of waxes in printing inks, which facilitates a general idea about inks for printing and behavior of waxes to improve aspects like brightness, mechanical resistance to scratching or abrasion, or rubbing or even increase the capacity of sliding of printed material

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