Gum base waxes

We design, produce and commercialize our waxes for chewing gum base

IBERCER waxes, are hard and semi-hard microcrystalline waxes for the gum base of the chewing gum that gives the plasticity required for their role in the gum rubber compounds, fulfilling the necessary requirements as food additives.


In TechnicalPublications section you’ll find a variety of articles on waxes and their applications in varied industries, which provide general information on the features of waxes to achieve amazing effects in its various applications in technical publications. And specifically of application in industry of production of gum base for chewing gum:

Waxes in the packaging industry which provides a very general information on waxes and especially the role of the lining of the packing, determining the necessary characteristics of coating waxes to achieve effects barrier, resistance and tenacity for the container to the food industry.

The Waxes as additives in foodstuffs, which describes the characteristics of these waxes and the conditions to be fulfilled for the treatment as food additives...

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