Eulogio Hernández Ramos started his industrial and commercial activities in 1949.
His first steps were the trading, extraction and sun bleaching of beeswax.

Soon after this, and with innovative ideas in those years, he started the preparation of wax blends with the aim of satisfying the needs of the soon-to-develop Spanish industry of the 50's.

In 1965, a new plant is built in Madrid, being specially dedicated to wax refining and the manufacture of different blends on an industrial scale, and in 1970 the new plant of wax extraction and refining was inaugurated in Cañaveral, which in later years was moving and expanding all production.
The constant technical innovation from the start, the firm trusting in the project and the work of many people, who took it as an own commitment, built the past and present of Iberceras.

Today Iberceras is part of the Siwax Group and has efficient and modern industrial facilities available, with up-to-date process control systems, a recognized R+D+i Department and an expert human team who permitted the consolidation of our presence in the international market with a well-gained prestige in quality and service.

Because all of this, we keep on committing ourselves to the future.

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