Waxes for rubber articles

We design, produce and commercialize our anti-ozone waxes



For every kind of rubber articles from conveyor belts to small automobile accessories. The use of our TIOZONE Waxes are facilitating:

  • Vulcanization protection against ozone and the joint effects of light and weather in places with a heavy climate contrast.
  • Controlled migration speeds, fitting the average service life of the rubber and the surface wax film that is generated.
  • Plasticity, adherence, and cohesion required to form an efficient barrier against atmospheric agents and, particularly, the oxidizing and degrading action of ozone.
  • Cracking and wear reduction, avoiding the premature ageing of the manufactured article.


In Technical Publications section you’ll find an article

about Waxes, introduction and applications that provides

a very general information on waxes, and especially varieties

and characteristics of waxes.

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