Waxes, hotmelts and emulsions for carton

We design, produce and commercialize our waxes, hotmelts and emulsions




Used as materials for coating paper which are applied by flexo or gravure cylinder machine, curtain coating or lip extrusion

When applying in the paper coating our TERMOFLEX waxes or emulsions EMULSIBER is achieved at packaging rigid or flexible a remarkable barrier to grease and scents , flavorings, water and humidity, an initial or permanent gloss, increased structural resistance in conditions of high humidity, resistance to abrasion and a slip or anti-slip character. In the harness and closed cardboard box, gluing can be achieved in good condition even in high speed machines.

In Technical Publications section, you’ll find an article about Waxes in the packaging industry which facilitates a very general information on waxes and especially the role of the wax coating on the packaging, determining the necessary characteristics of coating waxes to achieve effects barrier, resistance and tenacity.

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